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Permanent Top Post - Skull and Bones: Exposing the Illuminati in America - Bavarian Illuminati in Modern Times

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America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones by Antony C. Sutton

In his book The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction author Mark Dice writes:
Antony Sutton was not a Christian fundamentalist or a conspiracy theorist like many try to label those who are interested in subjects such as Skull and Bones or the Illuminatii. His book is an entirely secular and scholarly approach to the subject...

Sutton writes, "The activities of The Order are directed towards changing our society, changing the world, to bring about a New World Order. This will be a planned order with heavily restricted individual freedom, without Constitutional protection, without national boundaries or cultural distinction"...

It is impossible not to see striking similarities between the goals of the Bavarian Illuminati and those of Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones was founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft. Russell had returned from a trip to Germany immediately preceding his creation of Skull and Bones. This was also a short period of time after Adam Weishaupt had created the Illuminati in Germany, and it is no stretch of the imagination to think that Russell was granted permission and given instructions on how to expand the Illuminati in America. Many admit that this was in fact the case. Another piece of evidence supporting this is that members of File and Claw society who broke into the Skull and Bones headquarters in 1876 reported that they saw a card placed in a frame and hung on a wall which read, "From the German Chapter. Presented by Patriarch D.C. Gilman of D. 50."

Skull and Bones: Exposing the Illuminati in... by debunkerbuster


Illuminized Freemasonry

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hollywood is Crumbling! - Hollywood Is Illuminati Sex Cult

Americans are seeing behind the scenes of the entertainment industry and the truth is coming out.

Hollywood is Crumbling! - Hollywood Is Illuminati Sex Cult


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Kazoo Kid is Illuminati

This is funny and I'm sure had no other intention but being so. That said, I don't doubt that works of fiction about the Illuminati inspired this humor in some way, even if the video creator isn't aware of it on a conscious level. Such things tend to fester at a subconscious level in the minds of the masses. The programming on this topic is thick, be it overt or of the subliminal variety.

There are many works of art that serve an intentional purpose of muddying the waters and spawning comedy such as this, that unknowingly makes people believe the entire subject is just a joke, which it most certainly is not.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Strange things about what happened in Las Vegas - Acoustical Evidence of Two Vegas Shooters - Echo and Second Vantage Point Arguments Debunked

libertarianGO 5 hours ago
I AM A FIREARMS EXPERT. And there was at least 2 shooters. The taxi video proves it. Vince does a great job in this video showing even the number of shots fires from the "echos". Paul J. Watson has that wrong.

Hellybelle 4 hours ago
libertarianGO it sounds like an echo the first time, but the you have a long pause and you can hear the far away shooter, followed by the close one, then both together! I don't understand why sense doesn't explain it. Definitely two shooters.

FuRy 5 hours ago (edited)
Paul, there is undeniable proof if you watch this video. The first burst of gunfire, you hear the echo afterwards, then later on, you can hear the same "echo" with 2 bursts of gunfire and then soon after the one closer again, there are 2 shooters. All of the bursts of gunfire have different patterns apart from the first echo. Meaning there are 2 shooters.

FuRy 4 hours ago 

He clearly calls it an echo, but only shows one clip. He does not include the 2 more bursts of gunfire that sound exactly the same as the "echo" but sound the same distance away with different patterns, then afterwards the close proximity shots. As you can hear here

Robert Scalchi 4 hours ago
Yeah I heard it too on the taxi video. The echoes on the second string of fire are not in sync

slidetek 3 hours ago
FuRy also a lot of videos have been flushed down the memory hole. Lots of weirdness going on. Lots of people at the venue reported overlapping gunfire, bullets hitting people from different directions.

FuRy 3 hours ago 

Many videos that are talking about the second shooter have been removed from YouTube.

Kamikaze Krush 6 hours ago
Paul I'm not sure you are right about the cab driver video, if you listen there are shots that sound very close to the cab and you do hear a echo but about 30 seconds later you hear gunshots way off in the distance that do not sound at all like a echo, I don't know but something doesn't add up and the girl who said 2 Hispanic people told her that she was gonna die tonight, where are those people?

Avenging Angel 5 hours ago
You are not playing the full almost 2 minutes if not more, of hearing in real time the sounds..and she is there driving around and shows the area she thinks it came from and that is another firing time..thats why she oh shits for a moment and camera drops..please play in full if truth is the goal..and if turns out echos then we know...end rant..random observer effect..

I Drink Legos 6 hours ago 

Disappointed in Paul Joseph Watson with this one. I've seen the cabbie video several times. There's nearby shots and possible echo, true. But there's also long distance fire that starts off WITHOUT any nearby shooting preceding that sound. I cry bullshit. 2 shooters or more. Lone wolf my fucking ass.

luthervaughn1 5 hours ago
Watch the cab/taxi driver video. In the first 25 seconds, you hear the 'bounce echo'. Then for many, many seconds, it stops....then you hear gunfire goes off from afar. then a few seconds later from very close. THAT IS NOT echoing. No fucking way. No such thing as reverse echoing. Unless the audio has been manipulated, the taxi drivers video is not one to DEBUNK. It clearly shows sound from two different locations.

FritoSalad 5 hours ago 

I think the echo theory is wrong, the first shot sounds like a fast firing submachine gun (or assault rifle), while the second sounds like a deep high caliber machine gun.

FritoSalad 5 hours ago
Being a resident of Las Vegas I can tell you that the Strip he was firing on and from, buildings are packed VERY close (unlike most photos) and the sound should have echoed a LOT sooner then it did.

Handsome Crash Bandicoot 5 hours ago
There's more compelling evidence as well as eye witness accounts of more than one gunman so you'd either have to assume ALL of those people are lying. 

Also you will notice that MOST media outlets will not give you an exact number of casualties and injuries. They always say "at least" or "more than" when describing the amounts. I'm not convinced those numbers are anywhere near the correct amount.

Also wondering where all the casino surveillance footage is.

luthervaughn1 7 hours ago 

Watch the cab/taxi driver video. In the first 25 seconds, you hear the 'bounce echo'. Then for many, many seconds, it stops....then you hear gunfire goes off from afar. then a few seconds later from very close. THAT IS NOT echoing. No fucking way. No such thing as reverse echoing. Unless the audio has been manipulated, the taxi drivers video is not one to DEBUNK. It clearly shows sound from two different locations.

E Wheeled 9 hours ago (edited)
The second video you showed showing the gun shots and the echos ACTUALLY HAS two gunshot sounds. :42 seconds in is a different shooter the the shooting at the start? (cab driver video)

Steven Gasparotto 14 minutes ago The police said it was a strobe light but the video shows the flashes stopping with the gunfire and starting again. Thomas 10 minutes ago lineflyer1 I live in Vegas and have never seen a strobe light hahaha in a window of a hotel, what did a guest have one pointing outside, it should be there again if i go look than, right? Regarding the above video, I'm not saying that it is definitely gun fire because a light was seen earlier in that location, but that could have been part of the operation, to have a strobe light there earlier as to silence those who might notice the flashes. The light seen earlier appears to be flashing much more consistently and faster. Furthermore, there is footage showing other windows on lower floors broken. The point here, in posting the comment below, is that it apparently could have been done at the location where the flashing light is seen. From liveforphun 6 hours ago For those questioning why there were no broken windows seen on the 4th floor where the muzzle flash was seen from: The video was filmed at night. That area, low on a high rise building, right around where 2-3 floors of casino ends and the 30+ floors of hotel rooms begins. This is the same location commonly used by architects and mechanical engineers for fresh air intake and air exhaust ports for air conditioning and exhaust systems for the casino floor, the various kitchen areas and laundry service areas in the sub basements. By simply gaining access to a ground level mechanical room, would make the duct work leading to the air intake and exhaust grills on the side of the building. Providing cover from view on the outside. Providing a secure nest while inside the duct work. A 2 Man Fire Team with a belt fed M60. Which fires a 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308) round. This weapon matches the report and cadence captured by some of the audio/video that was captured. Possibly a 3rd accomplice covering the door entrance to the mechanical room.

Acoustical Evidence of Two Vegas Shooters... by debunkerbuster

#LasVegasFalseFlag - Forewarning of Las Vegas Massacre (3 Weeks Before Event)

The following article was tweeted by Michael Salla, which gives an amazing forewarning of the false flag terror event in Las Vegas. A Whistle-blower named 'John' says the Las Vegas shootings is known in intelligence circles as being part of 'THE HIGH INCIDENT PROJECT'. Read below to see the 5 different posts he made, warning about a terror event/false flag in Las Vegas a few weeks before the event took place. He also gives names of people and companies in high political positions who will benefit from this false flag event.

Names Mentioned Who May or May Not Be Involved In The Las Vegas Massacre

1. OSI Systems -
2. Sheldon Adelson - Wikipedia About Sheldon_Adelson and Report Says Trump Meets Adelson After Las Vegas Shooting
3. Michael Chertoff - Wikipedia About Michael Chertoff and Report About How Chertoff Makes Money Off Of Fear "Full Body Scanners"



Truth Teller's Radio Episode 6 - Las Vegas Shooting Near Mandalay Bay, Gun Control Agenda, ISIS/ANTIFA Connection Or False Flag?