Tuesday, September 20, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.,
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Coordinator


The prophets of economic doom are at it with renewed vigor, and it’s hard for one less-wise to know what to make of their prating. A global currency would, it is true, make abandoning the dollar to jump to something else for international payment more difficult. China is into the U.S. for multiple trillions in gold, it seems, and is once again riled and rife to call in its chits. The EU – the fragile mask hiding naked, enslaved Europe – is crumbling and bankers are livid. The U.S. debt is unsustainable in the short run, with the Chinese nipping and the public not cooperating, not digging deeper to sustain the rich and the tyrants’ killing reputedly vicious invisible nobodies a world away.

Brexit happened. Electorates throughout the west are unruly and rebelling. The Plan is unfolding but imposed slavery not guaranteed, not free. So, so very close to the end and stalled. What’s a self-respecting psychopathic (aka “libertine”) plutocracy to do? Pump up the paralyzing fear!

David Rockefeller’s 1991 Bilderberg meeting credo: “The supernational sovereignty of the intellectual elite and the world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in the past.” (To them, yes). That’s the goal, tantalizingly within reach.

And when the public – American and/or world – becomes angrier and more nauseated than fearful, we can shut it down and take over responsibility for ourselves and the planet.

So, what’s to fear?

1) Manifest (and nauseating) evil, mostly beneath the surface, rumored and occasionally exposed as élite child and adult sex-slave abduction and partying rings, for example, to fuel and contain the lusts of the sick sovereigns. The police and courts at all levels, Congress won’t touch any such. Instructively, it’s the same at the individual level as on the international.

2) Skulking murder of whistle-blowers and witnesses. Give thanks if you don’t have inside knowledge. I am. The police, all levels of bureaucracy, hence the people, won’t attest to knowing anything. The Boulder D.A. was so spooked he avoided meticulously any mention of the fact that the Jon Benet Ramsey grand jury had returned an indictment against élite family members. No one knew it until years later. Lock-jaw, in fact, set into that whole community.

3) Of the simple truth itself – any resort necessary to avoid that. People who do stand up are not embraced by those nearby, but shunned, seen as sanctimonious, somehow defective, other. Cute logics are devised on the spot to protect us and vicariously the world from these deranged outcasts. Join them or even faintly praise them and you’ll likely end up dead, rotting in a dark, damp cell or bunker, or worse, disowned.

4) Fear of war here. Succumb to the argument for keeping it over there – at whatever cost. When we have to deal with a bit of it, it’s a worldwide emergency.

But then, the élite perps are shown to have enough fears of their own:

a) That the public, resisting their proven appeals, will reject by vote their persuasion. There’s Brexit, warned against as a province of the backward and uncivil (and perhaps still subject to being sold out, as the Greek anti-austerity vote was). Their “golden girl”, guaranteeing them 100% open access, 24/7/365, might likewise be nixed, even axed. Meaning likely less accommodating élite control.

b) That the intermediate partners (France, Germany, and that lot) might not be ultimately intimidated and bamboozled enough, and reach around to a resumed accord with Russia.

c) That the unbeatable rivals (Russia, China) might not back down, and could call their bluff. The Great Gamble? “If you don’t surrender and fall into line, we thermo-nuke you. You know we’re just crazy enough.” Let’s all fear lest these biggies give up and fold right in with the NWO.

“By deception we shall make war,” is the perps’ borrowed battle cry. And our ever-fainter hope, accordingly, for global sanity and emancipation, as well Russia’s claim to prevailing rational courage representing every nation is the peaceful, embarrassed disposition we saw of Obama’s red line in Syria. Because, “MAD” means something else besides “Mutual Assured destruction” or “deception”. And Syria, where the U.S. just scuttled the Russians’ newly revealing cease-fire, and the quite suddenly infinitely more-dangerous Sarajevo of our day, warrants oh-so-careful watching, with our dismaying election in the balance, over the next few days.

JH: 9/20/16

George H.W. Bush Says He's Voting for Hillary Clinton

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton Staffer Drops The MOTHER Of All Conspiracies

Oh my God: https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/...
A Clinton adviser/staffer whips up a piece with a writer designed to discredit crazy "Tea Party" conspiracy theorists who believe in Rothschild/Federal Reserve/Rockefeller/US government collusion. The hilarious thing is, the Clinton Email Archive shows just that, including close relationships with the Rockefellers and the Rothschild banking family.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

More Time Travelers Against Trump Evidence?

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Awhile back I posited a crazy theory that there is an evil group of time travelers trying to derail the presidency plans of Donald Trump. I came across this book from 1987 and immediately wondered if this could be more evidence? Mad Magazine peers through the looking glass at TODAY... indeed, that's strange. Seeing as how the politician on the TV looks quite a bit like the Donald, even sporting that open mouth position that we so often see from him in still shots due to his speaking so much. Just as in the Illuminati card game I might add, see post linked above.  

Also, the first thing the character is pictured as saying about not like liking certain ethnic groups has been a major distortion used against Trump because he does not support illegal immigration and other policies which leave the country vulnerable to crime and terrorism.

The overall theme of being honest about the dirty workings of government is also something very Trump-like. Take for instance his admitting to giving money to politicians like Hillary Clinton in case he ever needed a favor. Aside from perhaps a stab at how closely Trump works with family, the rest seems to be projections of Clinton's issues on to the cartoon Trump, if you believe my crazy theory that is!