Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It’s Time To Starve The BEAST! Let’s Start With Hollywood. Opt Out & Boycott Hollyweird.

Hunter S. Thompson Hung Out with Illuminati Inside Bohemian Grove in the 1980s?

If anyone is interested please read this. I actually know the young man named Paul Bonacci who supposedly said Hunter Thompson filmed a snuff film at the Bohemian Grove. This is FALSE. Paul never said this. Mark Dice and many other people always get this story wrong on many websites and blogs. Paul was a former underage male prostitute and was victimized and involved in the filming of a snuff film where another young boy was murdered at the Bohemian Grove in Califorina however Hunter Thompson WAS NOT THERE. The photographer of this snuff film was a "short Italian man" as Paul described him in a interrogation by state senate investigator Gary Caradorri in prison This interrogation from 1993 was filmed and is on youtube for anyone to see. Hunters name was NEVER mentioned in this interrogation where Paul describes the snuff film he was involved in . This allegation was a misunderstanding and misquote by a former political blackmail photographer who Mark mentioned in this video named Rusty Nelson. Ive even spoken to Rusty a few times by email years ago . What Rusty said in a radio interview on 2 radio shows in 2005 around the time of Hunters death is that he was approached in New York City in 1987 with his employer a pedophile and child pornographer by a man offering him 100 K dollars to film a snuff movie .Rusty turned down this offer and never thought of it again for years until he saw a news report on Hunter Thompsons death and recognized HUnter as the man who offered him the 100 K dollars back in the 1980s. Rusty Nelson wasnt aware of who Hunter was and never read any of his books or saw him on tv before. He just thought he was a creepy old guy . "I wasnt to terribly impressed with the man" was Rustys exact words when asked about Hunter. Mark Dice like many others has gotten this story totally twisted and incorrect. He does however get the story correct about a woman who lived with Hunter in the late 1990s named Nikole Brown Nikole was a journalism srtudent writting her dissertation and somehow got Hunters attention and lived with him for abotu a month in Woody Creek Colorado at his home. NIkloe wrote on her website that Hunter came on to her, abused his cat by forcing it to eat pure cocaine and had all kinds of sick videos. She did say he had snuff films in his collection. Nikoles website and blog may still be up where she talks abotu her experiences living with HUnter Its very interesting. .

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WIKILEAKS: Illuminati Rothschild Influence & Simulation Theory

What if the Rothschild banking group is not as powerful as the public thinks- what if it is far MORE powerful, and has been, for some time? What if cracking down on Wikileaks was about much more than preserving the failing Clintons' legacy?

Illuminati Rothschilds Hillary Clinton... by debunkerbuster