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Saudi Mass Arrests + Donald Trump's TAKEDOWN OF THE CABAL!!! - Trump Behind Takedown Of Saudi Globalists


Saudi Mass Arrests + Donald Trump's TAKEDOWN OF THE CABAL!!! - Trump Behind Takedown Of Saudi Globalists


Behold! The Storm... Lightning Strikes the House of Saud - Trump just destroyed another major Democrat Funding source. Al Waleed arrested - Trump Was Right Back In 2015 ! Prince Arrested:



Sunday, November 12, 2017

Billy Corgan: Shapeshifter Witness - Billy Corgan Say's He Saw A Reptilian Shapeshift

Master Mind
The world is a vampire dun dun dun dun dun dun sent to draiyaiannnn *dun dun dun dun dun dun*, secret destroyers *dun dun dun dun dun dun*, hold you up to the flames...

And what do I get, for my pain?
Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game
Even though I know, I suppose I'll show
All my cool and cold, like old job
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage


Billy Corgan: Shapeshifter Witness - Billy Corgan Say's He Saw A Reptilian Shapeshift


Debunking Joe Rogan on Alien Abduction

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Help Destroy the Illuminati! Support These Sites!

If You Hate Liars and Love Talk Radio Let Us Talk to You


Think the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Have All Been Debunked? Think Again!

The Mainstream Media Persistently Lies about President Trump. Disinfo Busted At:


Cutting Through the Hell of the Medical-Industrial Complex


The Solution to the Fake News Invasion


Mind soup, mind melt, a treasury of ideas...


They Would Have Gotten Away with it if it Wasn't for Those Meddling True Skeptics!

Help Destroy the Illuminati! Support These Sites!

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FBI Pizzagate Raid Rescues 3 Month Old, 5 Year Old - FBI Rescues 84 Children From Sex Trafficking - EXPOSED: Hollywood’s Pedophiles

Hollywood is far more perverted than the Weinstein Harveywood scandal. After Hollywood praised the film exposing pedophilia in the Catholic Church and nominated it for an Oscar, the same director’s film, “An Open Secret”, exposing Hollywood’s pedophile problem was kicked out of film festivals and struggled for distribution. Gabe Hoffman, the film’s producer talks about the film Hollywood doesn’t want you to see.

FBI Pizzagate Raid Rescues 3 Month Old, 5 Year Old - FBI Rescues 84 Children From Sex Trafficking - EXPOSED: Hollywood’s Pedophiles


Truth Teller's Radio Episode 8 - Harvey Weinstein Scandal: #BoycottHollywoodPPP

JM Talboo & Natasha Republican Lifecoach - Fake News, Wiretapping Scandal, Pedogate

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Truth Teller's Radio Episode 8 - Harvey Weinstein Scandal: #BoycottHollywoodPPP


Boycott Hollywood Compilation: Hollywood's Reaction to Weinstein Scandal Is Reason Enough to Boycott Them!:


They’re All In It Together – Weinstein Paid for Bill Clinton’s Legal Fees During His Sex Abuse Scandal:


Actor Corey Feldman Says Pedophilia No. 1 Problem for Child Stars, Contributed to Demise of Corey Haim:


Actor Terry Crews: I was sexually assaulted by Hollywood executive:


Emma Thompson: ‘I spent my 20s trying to keep old men’s tongues out of my mouth’:




Once again, the BBC interviewed the X-Files guy who again basically called 9/11 truth a religion. Clips of the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen are shown and the narrator mentions how people believe that the show was predictive programming for the real thing. It's worth noting that the star of the show, Dean Haglund, believes this to be the case. In 2004, he revealed how the government officials often attend Hollywood parties and submit ideas for film and TV show plots. 

Did Hollywood predict 9/11?:


The Long Kiss Goodnight .. 9/11 ... interesting scene from 1996:


JM Talboo & Natasha Republican Lifecoach - Fake News, Wiretapping Scandal, Pedogate:


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hollywood is Crumbling! - Hollywood Is Illuminati Sex Cult

Americans are seeing behind the scenes of the entertainment industry and the truth is coming out.

Hollywood is Crumbling! - Hollywood Is Illuminati Sex Cult



Saturday, October 7, 2017

Kazoo Kid is Illuminati

This is funny and I'm sure had no other intention but being so. That said, I don't doubt that works of fiction about the Illuminati inspired this humor in some way, even if the video creator isn't aware of it on a conscious level. Such things tend to fester at a subconscious level in the minds of the masses. The programming on this topic is thick, be it overt or of the subliminal variety.

There are many works of art that serve an intentional purpose of muddying the waters and spawning comedy such as this, that unknowingly makes people believe the entire subject is just a joke, which it most certainly is not.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Strange things about what happened in Las Vegas - Acoustical Evidence of Two Vegas Shooters - Echo and Second Vantage Point Arguments Debunked

libertarianGO 5 hours ago
I AM A FIREARMS EXPERT. And there was at least 2 shooters. The taxi video proves it. Vince does a great job in this video showing even the number of shots fires from the "echos". Paul J. Watson has that wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ6EaATQ3tI

Hellybelle 4 hours ago
libertarianGO it sounds like an echo the first time, but the you have a long pause and you can hear the far away shooter, followed by the close one, then both together! I don't understand why sense doesn't explain it. Definitely two shooters.

FuRy 5 hours ago (edited)
Paul, there is undeniable proof if you watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUU0BFNM3aQ The first burst of gunfire, you hear the echo afterwards, then later on, you can hear the same "echo" with 2 bursts of gunfire and then soon after the one closer again, there are 2 shooters. All of the bursts of gunfire have different patterns apart from the first echo. Meaning there are 2 shooters.

FuRy 4 hours ago 

He clearly calls it an echo, but only shows one clip. He does not include the 2 more bursts of gunfire that sound exactly the same as the "echo" but sound the same distance away with different patterns, then afterwards the close proximity shots. As you can hear here https://youtu.be/iUU0BFNM3aQ?t=47

Robert Scalchi 4 hours ago
Yeah I heard it too on the taxi video. The echoes on the second string of fire are not in sync

slidetek 3 hours ago
FuRy also a lot of videos have been flushed down the memory hole. Lots of weirdness going on. Lots of people at the venue reported overlapping gunfire, bullets hitting people from different directions.

FuRy 3 hours ago 

Many videos that are talking about the second shooter have been removed from YouTube.

Kamikaze Krush 6 hours ago
Paul I'm not sure you are right about the cab driver video, if you listen there are shots that sound very close to the cab and you do hear a echo but about 30 seconds later you hear gunshots way off in the distance that do not sound at all like a echo, I don't know but something doesn't add up and the girl who said 2 Hispanic people told her that she was gonna die tonight, where are those people?

Avenging Angel 5 hours ago
You are not playing the full almost 2 minutes if not more, of hearing in real time the sounds..and she is there driving around and shows the area she thinks it came from and that is another firing time..thats why she oh shits for a moment and camera drops..please play in full if truth is the goal..and if turns out echos then we know...end rant..random observer effect..

I Drink Legos 6 hours ago 

Disappointed in Paul Joseph Watson with this one. I've seen the cabbie video several times. There's nearby shots and possible echo, true. But there's also long distance fire that starts off WITHOUT any nearby shooting preceding that sound. I cry bullshit. 2 shooters or more. Lone wolf my fucking ass.

luthervaughn1 5 hours ago
Watch the cab/taxi driver video. In the first 25 seconds, you hear the 'bounce echo'. Then for many, many seconds, it stops....then you hear gunfire goes off from afar. then a few seconds later from very close. THAT IS NOT echoing. No fucking way. No such thing as reverse echoing. Unless the audio has been manipulated, the taxi drivers video is not one to DEBUNK. It clearly shows sound from two different locations.

FritoSalad 5 hours ago 

I think the echo theory is wrong, the first shot sounds like a fast firing submachine gun (or assault rifle), while the second sounds like a deep high caliber machine gun.

FritoSalad 5 hours ago
Being a resident of Las Vegas I can tell you that the Strip he was firing on and from, buildings are packed VERY close (unlike most photos) and the sound should have echoed a LOT sooner then it did.

Handsome Crash Bandicoot 5 hours ago
There's more compelling evidence as well as eye witness accounts of more than one gunman so you'd either have to assume ALL of those people are lying. 

Also you will notice that MOST media outlets will not give you an exact number of casualties and injuries. They always say "at least" or "more than" when describing the amounts. I'm not convinced those numbers are anywhere near the correct amount.

Also wondering where all the casino surveillance footage is.

luthervaughn1 7 hours ago 

Watch the cab/taxi driver video. In the first 25 seconds, you hear the 'bounce echo'. Then for many, many seconds, it stops....then you hear gunfire goes off from afar. then a few seconds later from very close. THAT IS NOT echoing. No fucking way. No such thing as reverse echoing. Unless the audio has been manipulated, the taxi drivers video is not one to DEBUNK. It clearly shows sound from two different locations.

E Wheeled 9 hours ago (edited)
The second video you showed showing the gun shots and the echos ACTUALLY HAS two gunshot sounds. :42 seconds in is a different shooter the the shooting at the start? (cab driver video)

Steven Gasparotto 14 minutes ago The police said it was a strobe light but the video shows the flashes stopping with the gunfire and starting again. Thomas 10 minutes ago lineflyer1 I live in Vegas and have never seen a strobe light hahaha in a window of a hotel, what did a guest have one pointing outside, it should be there again if i go look than, right? Regarding the above video, I'm not saying that it is definitely gun fire because a light was seen earlier in that location, but that could have been part of the operation, to have a strobe light there earlier as to silence those who might notice the flashes. The light seen earlier appears to be flashing much more consistently and faster. Furthermore, there is footage showing other windows on lower floors broken. The point here, in posting the comment below, is that it apparently could have been done at the location where the flashing light is seen. From liveforphun 6 hours ago For those questioning why there were no broken windows seen on the 4th floor where the muzzle flash was seen from: The video was filmed at night. That area, low on a high rise building, right around where 2-3 floors of casino ends and the 30+ floors of hotel rooms begins. This is the same location commonly used by architects and mechanical engineers for fresh air intake and air exhaust ports for air conditioning and exhaust systems for the casino floor, the various kitchen areas and laundry service areas in the sub basements. By simply gaining access to a ground level mechanical room, would make the duct work leading to the air intake and exhaust grills on the side of the building. Providing cover from view on the outside. Providing a secure nest while inside the duct work. A 2 Man Fire Team with a belt fed M60. Which fires a 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308) round. This weapon matches the report and cadence captured by some of the audio/video that was captured. Possibly a 3rd accomplice covering the door entrance to the mechanical room.

Acoustical Evidence of Two Vegas Shooters... by debunkerbuster

#LasVegasFalseFlag - Forewarning of Las Vegas Massacre (3 Weeks Before Event)

The following article was tweeted by Michael Salla, which gives an amazing forewarning of the false flag terror event in Las Vegas. A Whistle-blower named 'John' says the Las Vegas shootings is known in intelligence circles as being part of 'THE HIGH INCIDENT PROJECT'. Read below to see the 5 different posts he made, warning about a terror event/false flag in Las Vegas a few weeks before the event took place. He also gives names of people and companies in high political positions who will benefit from this false flag event.

Names Mentioned Who May or May Not Be Involved In The Las Vegas Massacre

1. OSI Systems - https://www.osi-systems.com/
2. Sheldon Adelson - Wikipedia About Sheldon_Adelson and Report Says Trump Meets Adelson After Las Vegas Shooting
3. Michael Chertoff - Wikipedia About Michael Chertoff and Report About How Chertoff Makes Money Off Of Fear "Full Body Scanners"




Truth Teller's Radio Episode 6 - Las Vegas Shooting Near Mandalay Bay, Gun Control Agenda, ISIS/ANTIFA Connection Or False Flag?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Full Show - Illuminati Desecrate Church / Muslim Invasion Of Europe Reaching Critical Mass

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fires back at Trump after the administration enforces fresh sanctions. And Uber comes under fire in the UK following assaults by Muslim drivers on ride-share patrons. The Rebel journalist Tommy Robinson joins the show to break down the latest cultural enrichment developments in Europe.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard

[Verse 3]
Hey, I'm 2na-Fish from U-N-I-T-Y
Do or die
Anti-illuminati, why
Do the liquid from my vocals
Make the ghetto start swimming

Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard


St. Andrews Church used as location for black mass fashion show

A troupe of models pranced the runway inside of a Catholic church while rocking Turkish fashion designer Dilara Findikoglu’s Illuminati-inspired line for “Fashion Week.”

The controversial pieces make up Dilara’s “Spring/Summer 2018 collection,” and are likely to attract the attention of deep-pocketed fashion goers from around the globe, such as Rihanna who’s previously been spotted in the designer’s exotic rags.

Dilara’s newest designs range from a Nightmare Before Christmas look, to a Beetlejuice meets Lacuna Coil witchcraft-vampire feel, and were introduced by average models who were caked with pale face paint and temporary tattoos.

One of the show’s highlights was when Dilara utilized dragqueen Violet Chachki to sport a devilishly red hot outfit which showcased Chachi’s hair as proverbial horns, while Illuminati-esque imagery filled the background.
Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics (Intellihub.com). Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified(2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook.

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A feminist group says Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is funding white supremacy. Why? Because it has a location inside Trump Tower - 'Trump is a GREAT Man', Baseball Star Darryl Strawberry Criticizes Jemele Hill

A feminist group says Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is funding white supremacy. Why? Because it has a location inside Trump Tower - 'Trump is a GREAT Man', Baseball Star Darryl Strawberry Criticizes Jemele Hill


Trump supporter talks organizing Starbucks sit-in - Starbucks Calls Cops On "Trump Cup" Customer - ‘Joe the Plumber’ on Starbucks’ plan to hire refugees - Donald Trump Calls for Boycott of Starbucks Over Christmas Cups - 5 Darkest Starbucks Secrets - Is Starbucks Anti-Christian, Satanic, Illuminati?:


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Top Expert: Globalists Have Sold Their Souls To Evil, Now Trying To Corrupt All Of Humanity

Alex Jones talks with occult expert Stan Deyo on what the elites truly believe and why they are so bent on destroying humanity.

Bloomberg Builds Temple To Roman God Mithras

Alex Jones and an Infowars Caller discuss Bloomberg's move to build their new London facility on an ancient archaeological site formerly dedicated to the Roman God Mithras.

Breaking: Top Democrats Admit To Conducting Satanic Rituals / Murders - Top Democrats Admit Allegiance To Voodoo Cult

Alex Jones exposes how top Democrats, such as Sally Quinn and her husband, admit to conducting Satanic rituals to carry out covert murders against political enemies.

Alex Jones breaks down how members of the Democratic Party have practiced Voodoo rituals all throughout their political careers.

Going Clear with Scientology Member Turned Whistleblower Tom Devocht

Going Clear with Scientology Member Turned... by debunkerbuster

The Truth about Scientology, Xenu, Thetans:


Going Clear with Scientology Member Turned Whistleblower Tom Devocht

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nicole Kidman: Stanley Kubrick explained to her who runs The World: this explains so much - PIZZAGATE - NICOLE KIDMAN EDITION (adult content)

Nicole Kidman's father died of a heart attack amidst investigation into a suspected child murder and elite Sydney pedophilia rings. Her former brother in law also died from heart attack just a few months later. Links to articles below: http://us.hellomagazine.com/celebriti... https://independentaustralia.net/life... http://childabuserecovery.com/nicole-...


JM Talboo & Natasha Republican Lifecoach - Fake... by debunkerbuster

Natasha - News Truth Justice Republican Lifecoach: https://www.youtube.com/user/Natasha78d

Fake News:

Trump Was Right About Wire Tapping: Trolls Media:

Ivanka Trump: Dad Is Destroying DC Pedo Network - ALERT NEWS Media Ignored 1,500 Pedophiles Arrested Since Trump Took Office:

BREAKING: Trey Gowdy, Child Trafficking Subcommittee Hearing:

Former Ohio Mayor Raped 4-Year-Old Girl – Blames Little Girl for His Crime:

Pizzagate, The Context - The David Icke Videocast Trailer:

Sunday View: "Why Won't Media Acknowledge That David Icke Outed Ted Heath Years Ago?":

David Icke identified Savile as a procurer of children for the Royal family years ago:

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles' very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball:

Are Politicians Being Blackmailed?:

Bill Clinton Flew With Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Multiple Times - An Insight into Blackmailing People in Positions of Power:

Dr Phil Aired Eye Opening Episode - Survival - Dr Phil Covers Pedogate:

LLCOOLJ Tweet's PEDOGATE to 5mill Followers #PIZZAGATE:

WikiLeaks: Podesta Camp Openly Support Imprisoned Pedophile: 

CBS News Ben Swann does a "Reality Check" on Pizzagate: 


Pedogate In 5 Minutes: Immediate Investigation Needed - Alex Jones' APOLOGY & Media's Absurd Pro-Pedo Meltdown:



Is the Trump administration closing in on Pizzagate and John Podesta?: 

The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction:

New info I came across since the interview...

According to this article Andrew Breitbart's Tweet is not related to any activities directly involving Podesta and hence the author makes it out to be no big deal, but it still does not paint Podesta in a good light concerning issues of human trafficking...


Monday, September 4, 2017


The involvement of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in cocaine trafficking in Central America during the Reagan Administration as part of the Contra war in Nicaragua has been the subject of several official and journalistic investigations since the mid-1980s. In 1986, the Reagan Administration acknowledged that funds from cocaine smuggling helped fund the Contra rebels, but stated that it was not authorized by the US government or resistance leaders. The Kerry Committee found that Contra drug links included payments to known drug traffickers by the U.S. State Department to carry out humanitarian assistance to the Contras. A CIA internal investigation found that agents had worked with drug traffickers to support the Contra program, but found no evidence of any conspiracy by CIA or its employees to bring drugs into the United States. Former DEA agent Celerino Castillo III alleged that during the 1980s, Ilopango Airport in El Salvador was used by Contras for drug smuggling flights with the knowledge and complicity of the CIA. These allegations were part of an investigation by the United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General. Castillo also testified before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Between 1996 and 1998 the Central Intelligence Agency investigated and then published a report about its alleged involvement in cocaine sales in the US. This was prompted by the journalist Gary Webb's report in the San Jose Mercury News alleging that the CIA was behind the 1980s crack epidemic. Gary Webb alleged through his Dark Alliance series that the government had been complicit in the trade of drugs in the inner city through the use of a kingpin named Freeway Ricky Ross. According to the Oakland Tribune, "In the course of his rise, prosecutors estimate that Ross exported several tons of cocaine to New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and made more than $600 million in the process." Webb began researching "Dark Alliance" in July 1995. The series was published in the Mercury News in three parts, from August 18-20, 1996, with one long article and one to two shorter articles appearing each day. It was also posted on the Mercury News website with additional information, including documents cited in the series and audio recordings of people quoted in the articles. The website logo showed the silhouette of a man smoking a crack pipe superimposed over the CIA seal. Dark Alliance WEBSITE http://www.narconews.com/darkalliance... The series became even more controversial when the Los Angeles Times and other major papers published articles suggesting its claims were overstated. After an internal review, the Mercury News ultimately published a statement in May 1997 acknowledging shortcomings in the series' reporting and editing. Webb resigned from the Mercury News in December 1997. He became an investigator for the California State Legislature, publishing a book based on the "Dark Alliance" series in 1998, and doing free-lance investigative reporting. Dark Alliance BOOK http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Alliance-C... Gary Webb was "suicided" on December 10, 2004. YouTube Videos Used: Iran Contra Scandal youtu.be/p7LEByr_QNE CIA drug running youtu.be/6zDyLwpH06w Contra/CIA The Drug Connection youtu.be/R9vTlMCuQGk C.I.A The Drug Affair(Part 2) youtu.be/3xOtGNTubtE Gary Webb In his own words youtu.be/muxyY6XKH3g Drugs and the CIA youtu.be/6r1KfHaIF_Y "CIA are drug smugglers" - Head of DEA youtu.be/5_UbAmRGSYw Kill The Messenger: Mike Levine & Gary Webb youtu.be/LG8XNFPBPUs How Crack Funded a CIA War: Gary Webb Interview youtu.be/WMbEhP2irDM Stuff They Don't Want You to Know: CIA Drug Trafficking youtu.be/7J7IHg9l9tM More Proof of GovT Drug Running youtu.be/2ijH9spX3Ok Past to Present: CIA Drug Smuggling youtu.be/zi3m-F1ZSRQ CRACK THE CIA youtu.be/LYOVQezWaCY

Rick and morty - Pickle Rick s3 ep3. 9/11 was an inside job - Rick and Morty 9/11 Truth Hidden In Plain Sight

Many people subconsciously make the mistake of only seeing the issues concerning 9/11 in black and white, as opposed to shades of gray. This is known as the black-or-white fallacy. In this case, the false dilemma is: 9/11 was either carried out by Al-Qaeda or it was "an inside job."

Just because the evidence suggests that rogue elements of US and other international intelligence agencies were involved doesn't mean bin Laden and Al-Qaeda hijackers weren't involved.


CBR TV: "Rick and Morty's" Roiland & Harmon Talk Time Travel, Evil Morty - Overlapping possibilities in "A Rickle in Time":


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Jim Marrs Eulogium: Investigative Journalism Hero, Conspiracy Analyst, JFK Assassination Expert - Author, Researcher, Jim Marrs Has Died RIP 1943 - 2017


Secret Societies - David Icke and Jim Marrs by debunkerbuster
Mar 10, 2010 ... Here, Jim Marrs interviews him, and he says, quite frankly, "there was massive fraud in the evidence," and that the autopsy results released ...
Dec 26, 2015 ... Jim Marrs - JFK & The Warren Commission Cover-Up. Posted by JM Talboo · Jim Marrs ~ Essence of The JFK Assassination... by ...
911debunkers.blogspot.com/.../jim-marrs-jfk-warren-commission-cover-up_ 26.html
Dec 7, 2014 ... Jim Marrs: False Flag Events - 9/11 & The Fourth Reich! Dark Journalist. Posted by JM Talboo. This interview is a mixed bag. Search on the ...
Dec 20, 2015 ... Jim Marrs - JFK & The Warren Commission Cover-Up. Posted by JM Talboo · Jim Marrs - JFK & The Warren Commission Cover-Up by ...
911debunkers.blogspot.com/.../jim-marrs-jfk-warren-commission-cover-up. html

Nov 21, 2015 ... The Jim Marrs interview at the bottom of this page is overflowing with evidence of a JFK conspiracy that doesn't require debating a magic bullet, ...