Monday, December 28, 2015

Star Wars is NOT Illuminati

If I see one person showing these images and claiming Star Wars is Illuminati I'm going to scream. If these images represent anything other than stylistic artwork, then they represent the singularity of awakening either in darkness or in light. The one eye symbolism can also represent the "the one eye of good, evil forever eradicated from this planet."

Star Wars hasn't demonstrated in any way an intent to destroy God, but rather to beg the question, to expose tyranny, and most of all to entertain.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Illuminized Freemasonry

"Johann Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748 – 18 November 1830[1][2][3][4]) was a German philosopher and founder of the Order of the Illuminati, a secret society."

Excerpts from pages 221-222 of the Jim Marrs book Rule by Secrecy:

American author Jim Marrs talks with Lou Garino of Business Newsmakers Radio about his book 'Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us.'

Jim Marrs on Population Control by ulaghchi

Over Population is a Myth

American author Jim Marrs talks with Michael Adams of Natural News about his book 'The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America.'

Jim Marrs on The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy by ulaghchi

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

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I became aware of this author after seeing him featured on an episode of the History Channel's "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" and decided to purchase his book for more information on secret societies including the Illuminati and the Freemasons. What I got though was a schooling on who those two groups are, along with the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, what the Bohemian Grove is, the International Monetary Fund, and why we should *all* know who they are.

What is contained within these pages is a comprehensive examination of information of publishings, eyewitness accounts, legal cases, and even various "frauds" which have come out spanning a few hundred years. Mr. Dice has done exhaustive research and brought so much information into his book that one can not help but be in awe of the staggering amount of knowledge he has on the subject. Of course it is slanted, as he is clearly stating the Illuminati *do* exist. But he lays out the support for that claim in a very effective manner. Unlike other books of this nature, he does a very good job of discrediting "bogus" claims of who and what the Illuminati are, rather than proclaiming every wild-eyed theory about them as gospel.

To refute another reviewer's claim, Mr. Dice expresses in the very beginning of the book that he is Christian, but that in no way clouds the arguments that he makes. The topic is of a religious slant by very nature because the Illuminati themselves are Luciferians who basically believe Satan is the good guy, not thee other way around, and the existence of their organization and its activities are based on that (twisted) belief..

All in all it's a VERY informative book, and although there are a few points that I personally don't quite agree on, the gist of the book is one you can't deny.Many of things he brings to "light" are honestly scary to someone who is new to the subject, but hopefully that is scare enough to make one realize that reality as we know it is a very thin veil, and behind that curtain there are people that would do you harm. One must know that if there is good in this world, there is also evil.

Whether or not the Illuminati exist, well any researcher will tell you to gather the evidence and draw your own conclusion. The author has done this, and even though he tells you of *his* conclusion and presents the evidence (albeit some of it circumstantial), I invite anyone interested in the topic to do the same. Get the book.


Illuminati in The Music Industry

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Illuminati in The Music Industry


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

As an anti-secret-society hiphoppa; I feel uniquely qualified to review this book. I've also read most of Mark's earlier titles and follow his YouTube videos. Subjects such as secret societies may lead one to find him online as I once did and judging from my research he does a fine job of separating the facts from fiction. He finds source material so does not simply learn from YouTube videos. Mark is a nondenominational Christian and I an agnostic. The illuminati are very satanic so it is unwise to ignore a Christian's view on the matter for only not sharing the faith. One of the top original alleged illuminati agendas is to suppress Christianity so please study further to discover why that is before succumbing to confirmation bias.

I should clarify that Mark Dice isn't just some Hip Hop hater either. When asked if there are any admirable rappers in his opinion he will credit KRS ONE or Professor Griff from Public Enemy so if you know anything about classic/real hip-hop then that says everything. I myself don't even listen to any of the rappers that Mark criticizes because I can hear their small mindedness for myself and prefer revolutionary underground hip-hop which is no longer found on the radio. I liked Eminem in my teens but grew out of him and that's about all. One shouldn't listen to music for entertainment or shock value; music is supposed to be a source of communication and inspiration.

Mainstream music today is so polluted that most youth have never heard of even a semi-conscious rapper anymore and that's the real issue. Are you going to deny that the media is controlled by special interests? Why is the mainstream then so small minded while there are lyrical frikkin geniuses in the underground that don't get signed? Are you just that dumb so to believe that the idiocy on the radio is the height of human potential and art? Give me a break; you need to hear some real music before you start defending the radio trash just because it's all you know. You need to go online and look for music yourself and not just listen to what is placed in front of you by the music industry.

It is most important to understand that this book does not accuse the artists of being illuminati members...that would be absurd. They are merely illuminati puppets which mean that they are supporting the illuminati agenda. You can't deny that their videos are full of satanic symbolism and that pop-culture in the music industry today is promoting mostly negative influences with newer music. The book points to some of the countless examples of such symbolism. If you deny the existence of the illuminati you can still look at their alleged agendas and see support for them in popular music. Satanic imagery, immorality and materialistic mindlessness just saturate the music industry influencing those who listen more than they realize. It's not natural at all, it is undeniably influenced from the outside whether or not you want to call it illuminati.

Not everyone in the book though is accused of being an actual paid puppet because many are just cited as examples of inaccurate illuminati accusations people have made in the past. Like with the Insane Clown Posse for example, ICP started doing songs with illuminati hints in them but are explained in the book as still being just a rap group shooting for shock value. Shock value though is becoming one of the most blatant examples in many real cases such as a satanic female artist collecting teeth from her preteen fans for a necklace. Stunts like that are documented in the book and are analysed as whether or not satanic beyond a reasonable doubt. One artist with multiple examples of satanic affiliation can be no coincidence and why would the music industry promote them? Ask yourself because it's not talent...yo, who in pop-music even writes their own songs anymore?

I would say that I only had one real problem with how the book was presented. That would be all the pointless name calling. Mark always gives bad artists a name like Pig Ross instead of Rick Ross or Miley Virus Instead of Miley Cyrus. You would have already noticed this if you watched his YouTube videos about illuminati music but the language is also contained within the book. I am a lot more understanding of the name calling in his videos venting frustration about these "satanic Baphomet worshiping demons" than I am with the book. In a video you can see his personality and context much better whereas a reader may not even know the author in that light at all. It makes the author sound bias but I urge readers to please ignore it for the information remains the same, name calling or not.

Mark also did an interview on Sirius radio with "Sway in The Morning" about the book where he also used the name calling. I personal loved it and was laughing at how direct he was without remorse but...Ya I stayed on Mark's side completely for the entire interview but had to consider how listeners from Sirius are mostly sheep who wouldn't take it the right way. We are trying to convince these mainstream victims that the music they are listening to is bad for them and name calling is not very convincing. It doesn't help the argument put forth and makes you look like just another hater no matter how much fact you bring to the table. It can make them ignore that and just focus on the name calling. When talking to small minded mainstream fans we should keep things simple, it's a great opportunity to reach those who don't seek truth on their own.

I have one more small critique, which is that some artists only got little over a page written about them. Maybe that is all you need sometimes and it's more a prompt for someone to look further into the artist on their own. However I could remember points from his videos while reading that I wish were included and just more could have been said about some artists. Sometimes he had to explain what things were, like upon referencing the Bohemian Grove he would write a few paragraphs to explain what it is which for an unstudied person is helpful and key for understanding but half of the section on an artists should not be explaining something that could have been at the end of the book in a referencing section or something.

The Rock and Heavy Metal section of the book rather began mostly with cases where artists spoke out against the illuminati. It could give one the impression that that is Marks genre of choice however the more likely reason I think this section starts in the opposite direction is because people don't generally need convincing that Heavy Metal is known for being heavily satanic and negative. It goes to show that both good and evil are found in all genres. I personally can't stand heavy growling music because it just sounds evil on its own no matter what is spoken. Still forces exist against the genre to keep the revolutionary voices out of the popular spectrum.

The book points out at the end that the only popular music genre that is nearly free of evil outside influence is country music because it's made basically for simple people living a simple life. There is less crime in the country and people know their neighbors so a hateful country song would not be well received. Then with other genres immorality can be conveyed as cool or fun to listen to for shock value. What you listen to really has an impact on your brain and personality whether or you believe it or not. This is why an evil force is so apparent in popular music; it is being influenced by true evil. Call it illuminati if you will but at least recognize that something unnatural is going on.

My Opinion
I believe the mainstream portrays Hip Hop as the dumbest genre so sensible people won't even give it a chance. If someone tells me they don't like rap my first thought it "well at least you're that smart" smart enough to see the mainstream for the trash that it is. However, you have successfully then been distracted from the most politically charged underground I have heard. Not to say other genres can't compete on a revolutionary level it is just that the longer verses in hip-hop really allow the artist to say exactly what they mean in depth while other genres can't exactly do that without going beyond their standard verse/chorus model. A rap song can go 3 or 4 minutes straight without a chorus while a rock song can have 4 to 12 bars sometimes in-between a chorus.


The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Immortal Technique Discusses Illuminati - Famed rapper and urban activist Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on people's fascination with the secret society, The Illuminati, but he says people should be more scared of corporations. He also speaks about how certain decisions made in the government are controlling our lives on a deeper level than we actually see.


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