Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

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I became aware of this author after seeing him featured on an episode of the History Channel's "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" and decided to purchase his book for more information on secret societies including the Illuminati and the Freemasons. What I got though was a schooling on who those two groups are, along with the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, what the Bohemian Grove is, the International Monetary Fund, and why we should *all* know who they are.

What is contained within these pages is a comprehensive examination of information of publishings, eyewitness accounts, legal cases, and even various "frauds" which have come out spanning a few hundred years. Mr. Dice has done exhaustive research and brought so much information into his book that one can not help but be in awe of the staggering amount of knowledge he has on the subject. Of course it is slanted, as he is clearly stating the Illuminati *do* exist. But he lays out the support for that claim in a very effective manner. Unlike other books of this nature, he does a very good job of discrediting "bogus" claims of who and what the Illuminati are, rather than proclaiming every wild-eyed theory about them as gospel.

To refute another reviewer's claim, Mr. Dice expresses in the very beginning of the book that he is Christian, but that in no way clouds the arguments that he makes. The topic is of a religious slant by very nature because the Illuminati themselves are Luciferians who basically believe Satan is the good guy, not thee other way around, and the existence of their organization and its activities are based on that (twisted) belief..

All in all it's a VERY informative book, and although there are a few points that I personally don't quite agree on, the gist of the book is one you can't deny.Many of things he brings to "light" are honestly scary to someone who is new to the subject, but hopefully that is scare enough to make one realize that reality as we know it is a very thin veil, and behind that curtain there are people that would do you harm. One must know that if there is good in this world, there is also evil.

Whether or not the Illuminati exist, well any researcher will tell you to gather the evidence and draw your own conclusion. The author has done this, and even though he tells you of *his* conclusion and presents the evidence (albeit some of it circumstantial), I invite anyone interested in the topic to do the same. Get the book.


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